EllenEllen Iovino’s performances are dramatic, energetic and packed with variety. Her passionate, dynamic vocals and percussive guitar style are often combined with a little tap dancing and a variety of instrumentation – anything from harmonica to trumpet to steel drum and more.

Ellen performed alongside her husband, Larry Ruhl, the talented singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer for more than 15 years. They sang and tap danced throughout the region at First Night celebrations, town concerts, church halls, daycare centers, senior residences… anywhere people were celebrating life. Most recently, they formed the duo We Got Rhythm! When Larry died suddenly in 2017, Ellen found comfort and purpose in continuing his legacy by performing his original music and experimenting with some the many instruments he played.

Ellen’s current repertoire draws from many genres and artists and includes compositions from Larry’s diverse, innovative catalog. Ellen’s raw, honest performances connect deeply with her audiences, touching on subjects of loss and struggle, but also of love, hope, redemption, and joy. Life is a wild ride. Buckle your seatbelts and join Ellen for a spin.

with Ellen Iovino